nokia 206 display light solution

nokia 206 display light solution

Nokia 206 light problem solution with jumpers keypad light lcd light
nokia 206 display light solution
Nokia Asha 206 light problem can be due to water damages and carbon or rust.If you feel smell like burn rubber it may can be damages or components.Nokia Asha 206 light problem, lcd light problem, display light problem, led light problem, Keypad light problem.
all above problems can be solved with these parts that are in line with red color in above diagram.Clean all these parts with electronics cleaner and apply hot air to dry these parts.
Do not apply much heat because it can harm your skin or damage the mother board or its parts.In diagram you can see a light coil and three leg ic. divot and some resistances and capestor.Check all these and resold them.
If only re flow and re sold can not solve light problem we have to replace these parts.Keep reading i will post some more light solution for Nokia Asha 206 without these parts only with jumpers soon…

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